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Networking event: Hamburg meets Photography - Foto Koch

Networking event: Hamburg meets Photography

23.09.2023 - from 6 pm

On Saturday, September 23, 2023, we will be meeting up with some exciting photographers and videographers such as Luise Blumstengel, Vivienne Bade and Philip R?sler for a networking event at the Altes M?dchen brewery pub at the Ratsherrn brewery. After the PHOTOPIA photo and content trade fair closes, it's just a short walk to Hamburg's hippest district - Sternschanze. Lots of cool people, interesting conversations and the odd short talk await you there.

Come along, chat with other photographers, raise a glass with us and have a good time! (The first drinks are on us!)

Oh well, the most important thing is: Share this link with your friends who can't miss this event!

The event will take place on September 23, 2023 from 6 p.m. and ends at around 10 p.m. Since the PHOTOPIA 23 photo fair is taking place right next door, you can visit the fair and come back to us afterwards.

Yes, for planning purposes we ask for a free registration. Don't worry, of course you don't have to be there the whole time and if you arrive a little later, that's no problem either. Registrations are limited.

Of course, the first drinks are on us!

The event takes place in the Ratsherrn Diele of the Braugasthaus Altes M?dchen in Hamburg's Schanzenviertel.

In order to find us in the best possible way, please use the following address for navigation:

Braugasthaus Altes M?rdchen
Lagerstra?e 28, 20357 Hamburg

room "Ratsherrn Diele" is signposted above the entrance.

As Hamburg's best-known craft beer brewery, Ratsherrn is a great location for our event. Of course, our invitation also includes a few drinks. The first few beers and soft drinks are on us.

There is also excellent food on site, but this is not included and you have to pay for it yourself. Alternatively, the nearby Schanzenviertel offers a great culinary selection to grab a bite to eat beforehand.

Image: Foto Koch Photopia Meet & Greet 2022


Although we don't have a big program, we are very happy that a few of the inspiring photographers have agreed to give a short talk.

Here is the rough schedule (exact times may still change slightly):

18:00 | Admission

18:30 | Welcome & a few short words from the Foto Koch team

19:30 hrs | Short lecture "Beauty photography with natural light" | Luise Blumstengel

:00 h | Short talk "Why we're doing a podcast" | Paula Kiel & Alina Berger

:30 h | Short talk "10K Instagram followers in just 3 months" | Awid Safaei

Among others (selection):

Luise Blumstengel profile

Luise Blumstengel

Luise is a professional portrait & commercial photographer from Berlin and has already been a guest at our FOTOTAGE in D?sseldorf twice. She is not only incredibly talented, but also brings exciting insights in the fields of photography, image editing and creativity.

More from Luise

Vivienne Bade profile

Vivienne Bade

As a portrait photographer from Hamburg, the event is a home game for Vivienne! Vivi shares her unique pictures and stories from her life on her Instagram profile. In addition to portraits, she also photographs many events and commercial shoots for large & small brands.

More from Vivienne

Philip R?sler profile

Philip R?sler

Philip also works as a passionate photographer and videographer and creates unique visuals, mainly with available light. Especially in the field of portraits Philip is traveling around Hamburg & Kiel.

More from Philip

Nadine Wuchenauer profile

Nadine Wuchenauer

We also had the pleasure of welcoming Nadine to a live workshop, where she impressed us with her talent for working with models and her friendly manner. She also works in portrait photography, but with a focus on fashion, beauty & commercial.

More from Nadine

Felix Sauerbrey profile

Felix Sauerbrey

As a portrait and lifestyle photographer from Hamburg, Felix is often on the road at concerts of well-known musicians. He also works a lot with analog cameras to create a special look.

More from Felix

Lino Kalkhoff profile

Lino Kalkhoff

Lino has already worked as a cameraman on many productions, including for ZDF, ARD and Prime Video. The best-known production he has worked on as a cameraman is probably the Prime Video series "Die Discounter" made in Hamburg.

More from Lino

Paula Kiel profile

Paula Kiel

As a photographer and videographer, Paula works in the areas of portrait, lifestyle, commercial and wedding. She also produces the podcast "Good Shots Only" together with Alina Berger, in which she interviews photographers, content creators and influencers.

More from Paula

Alina Berger profile

Alina Berger

Alina is the second voice of the "Good Shots Only" podcast alongside Paula and also shoots mainly portraits but also brands with a focus on sustainability.

More from Alina

Vanessa Wunsch profile

Vanessa Wunsch

Vanessa is a fashion, portrait and wedding photographer from Berlin and inspires with her extraordinary looks and perspectives.

More from Vanessa

Lena Hogekamp profile

Lena Hogekamp

Cologne-based portrait photographer Lena Hogekamp skillfully stages interesting people and prefers to work with natural light.

More from Lena

Awid Safaei profile

Awid Safaei

As a wedding photographer and videographer, Awid accompanies couples throughout Germany on their important day and posts interesting short videos about photography on his Instagram account.

More from Awid

Fabian M?hlberger profile

Fabian M?hlberger

As a biologist and wildlife photographer, Fabian is constantly out and about in nature, researching animals of all kinds. He is also a co-founder of the environmental organization Wilderness International, which campaigns for the protection of rainforests worldwide.

More from Fabian

and many more...

A total of around 100 photography enthusiasts are coming! Everyone is welcome here, from beginners to professionals, so be quick to secure your place...

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